Dashcam Footage Shows Tesla's "Autopilot" System Can't Even Avoid Highway Barriers

Posted by moku 2 years ago in FAIL!
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A recently released video shows a Tesla Model S car colliding with a barrier on a highway near Dallas, Texas. The driver blamed Tesla’s autopilot feature for the collision.

Breitbart has previously reported on crashes relating to Tesla’s autopilot function, and there has been much debate as to where the responsibility for these accidents lies, with the driver or a possibly faulty autopilot feature. A recent video clearly depicts the limitations of Tesla’s autopilot features and the care that drivers must take when utilizing it.

Posting to Reddit’s Tesla Motors subreddit, the driver of the car involved in the crash posted pictures of the damages the car received and described the incident.

So I was driving in the left lane of a two lane highway. The car is AP1 and I’ve never had any problems until today. Autopilot was on didn’t give me a warning. It misread the road and hit the barrier. After the airbags deployed there was a bunch of smoke and my car rolled to a grinding stop. Thankfully no one was hurt and I walked away with only bruises.

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