Video captures road rage brawl in Miami as two ladies duke it out

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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A wild road rage brawl between two women in Miami has been captured on camera. The incident, which took place in South Florida in January, was filmed by a man who was in a car stopped in front of the two women. The short video starts by showing a blonde woman getting out of her car and gesturing towards a dark-haired woman in a vehicle next to hers. Just seconds later, the second woman splashes the blonde driver with a water bottle - while still sat in her car, escalating the incident. The blonde then storms around to the driver's side of the second woman's car, as the dark-haired driver continues to flick water at her. She then reaches in through the car window to snatch the water bottle away, before appearing to grab the dark-haired woman by the scruff of the neck. Seemingly thinking she had settled the dispute, the blonde woman is seen in the video triumphantly trotting back around to her car and waving goodbye to the other woman.However, the dark-haired woman was not content to let her opponent get the last laugh, and she herself stormed out of her car and around to the blonde's window. The video then shows her violently banging on the glass, before opening the door and dragging the blonde woman to her feet. The two then punch and slap each other for about five seconds, before the dark-haired woman returns to her car. The man who filmed the video said he did not who what caused the altercation, but he said he suspected it was because of a driving mishap. 'I was on my way to work in the morning and the events on the video unfolded before me,' he said. 'I wasn't looking in the general direction of the traffic incident that occurred but I trust it involved the Hispanic lady behind me cutting off the white lady that got out of her car to scream...then the story goes from there as you can see in the recording.'

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