Bouncer throws woman like 'a rag doll' and 'almost kills' man

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A man out celebrating his girlfriend's birthday was 'almost killed' after being viciously attacked by nightclub bouncers. Martin Wood, 30, was left with a broken jaw, eye socket and nose while his girlfriend was 'thrown around like a ragdoll'. CCTV captured the moment bouncer Lee Jenson threw her to the ground, where she seemed to bang her head.Head doorman James Turgoose also threw a 'devastating blow' at Mr Wood. He was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after a trial at Grimsby Crown Court.It took the jury barely half-an-hour to return a guilty verdict, the Grimsby Telegraph reported. Mr Wood said: 'The doctors said another quarter of a centimetre impact of the fracture and I could have been killed.'I was going out for fun and a dance, not to get involved in a fight. People like that should be dealt with. Bouncers have a duty of care to everyone.' Turgoose was given a 15-month prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered to pay £3000 compensation to Mr Wood. In the CCTV Mr Wood and his girlfriend are seen trying to get into the Hype nightclub. The couple had an argument and left the club and Mr Wood was not allowed to go back inside - although his girlfriend was. Jeremy Evans, prosecuting, said: 'All he [Mr Wood] was asking the doorman to do was to look after his girlfriend and make sure she got home safely.'The other doorman swung her around like a ragdoll. That was Mr Jenson.' Judge Kate Buckingham praised Mr Wood's view that Turgoose was a 'decent man who had made a mistake.' Addressing the bouncer he said: 'The blow you delivered was forceful and targeted and was far below the standards expected of a door supervisor.' The judge added that Turgoose should consider meeting his victim under a restorative justice scheme. She also ordered that Lee Jenson be referred to a licensing authority to see what advice on sentencing should be given. bouncer

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