Man gets caught meeting underage girl for sex

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A 'pervert' dad broke down in tears after he was trapped in his car by angry vigilantes for allegedly driving 150 miles to meet a 14-year-old girl. The man is accused of driving from Dorset to a McDonald's in Hereford to meet the 'teenager'. He then allegedly planned to go back to her house and abuse her while her parents were out.Instead he was ambushed by four members of 'H Division', a group of vigilantes who have vowed to make Hereford a no-go area for paedophiles. They take his car keys and confront him with copies of naked selfies and explicit messages he allegedly sent to them while they were posing as an underage girl online.The vigilantes say he arranged to buy condoms and told the girl not to wash before meeting him because he wanted them to share a bath while they were both dirty. They call him 'a dirty little nonce' and said he had 'come to Hereford to rape a child'.As the suspect vehemently denies that he's in the parking lot to meet the girl, the lead vigilante explains that he'd been talking to him all along. He rages: 'You've been talking to me. Everything's in the chat logs. You being serious? Don't wind me up, you c***.' Police eventually arrive and arrest him on suspicion of grooming a child for sex. As they take him away the man breaks down in tears. The filmer says: 'No point crying about it now, you should have thought about that when it was a fourteen-year-old girl.' The sting was set up by dad-of-three David John Poole who has vowed to protect Hereford from paedophiles after his gay teenage son was targeted by married men online. As he is being led away, Mr Poole says: 'Look at him crying. I've had a hard life, I got raped when I was 14. You don't see me molesting kids, do ya? No, I get on with my life, getting people like you off the streets. I'll look out for your face, don't worry.' A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: 'A 24-year-old man from Dorset has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to meet a girl under 16 years of age following grooming. He has been released on police bail until April.' DCI Jon Roberts urged members of the public not to take the law into their own hands. He said: 'While we understand that this is a very emotive subject, the police do not encourage members of the public to pursue their own investigations. 'This can compromise ongoing police investigations. Identifying alleged paedophiles is best left to the police who can ensure vulnerable victims are protected.'

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