Children's football match in Majorca ends up in huge brawl

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Sports
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This is the shocking moment a children's football match descended into violence when parents of boys from rival teams started brawling on the touch line. Several people were left needing hospital treatment when a pitch-side row among dads escalated into a fist fight at a game involving youngsters aged 12 and 13 on the Spanish island of Majorca. Footage taken by a shocked spectator showed the parents punching and kicking each other - ignoring the anguished screaming of mothers who were horrified at what they were seeing and trying to protect children at the scene. The game had to be suspended and police are now investigating the violent clash. Local reports said some of the children were already fighting when the parents waded in. The mass altercation happened on Sunday at a game between children's football teams Alaro and away side Collerense. The normally peaceful town of Alaro, an inland village tucked away in the west of the island, is described in holiday brochures as a place with 'rustic, authentic appeal' and a far cry from the resorts along the coast nearby. Several parents are understood to have invaded the pitch after a bad tackle by one of the players, some to voice protests at the foul and attend to the child that was lying on the grass after being upended and others to try to calm frayed tempers. Horrified mums could be overheard on the video shouting 'shame on you, shame on you' as the dads starting squaring up to each other by one of the goalmouths while another yelled: 'Get that boy out of here. He's a minor.' Seconds later the arguing erupted into a full-blown fight after one of the fathers appeared to push another - and was chased down by other fathers before being punched and kicked to the ground as others jumped in to defend him. Several fathers could be seen bear-hugging others from behind to stop them using their fists to carry on the fighting. A mother thought to have tried to separate the brawlers ended up injured and lying on the pitch and a child was left wailing on the sidelines. Local Civil Guard officers were probing the incident yesterday after receiving a string of complaints. Several people are said to have been treated in hospital for injuries, although none were thought to be serious. In January two fathers were filmed having an ugly fist fight by the side of the pitch during a game involving youngsters aged 16 to 18 on the island of Gran Canaria. One was left bloodied and bruised - and nursing an eye injury that required hospital treatment after being subjected to a string of punches before managing to escape.

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