German gangster rapper ‘punches and kicks a fan live on stage for trying to steal his sunglasses’

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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A German gangster rapper has been videoed appearing to beat up a fan in front of a cheering crowd for trying to take his sunglasses. Hip-hop star Kollegah invited the man onto the stage to take part in a 'freestyle rap battle' with another fan during a gig in the German city of Leipzig on Saturday (18/3). The starstruck fan is seen shaking hands with the rapper and cracking jokes with band members as he waits for his opponent to join him. Moments later he is piled on by five men and dragged across the stage like a rag doll when his banter backfires. The dramatic footage - filmed by a spectator - shows the cocky fan stroll towards the heavily-built rapper and take a sip of water before trying to take the sunglasses off his head. Kollegah - who calls himself the 'Boss of Bosses' - immediately squares up to him and draws back his fist. The man seems to offer him a hug to say sorry but the angry rapper shoves him and kicks him in the stomach. He hits the man in the jaw as he backs away, then the others dive in and rugby tackle him to the ground before dragging him away. The DJ even leaps over his turntables and boots the man in the back as he lies helpless. The audience roar with excitement and make gun gestures as a bouncer hauls him to the exit by his jacket. Kollegah then puts his sunglasses on and tells the crowd: 'Drinking is okay, but don't touch people's glasses or their baseball caps. That's not necessary.' He presents the other fan with a trophy for winning the rap battle, despite not even doing anything. The 32-year-old musician, whose real name is Felix Antoine Blume, converted to Islam in his teens after studying the Koran. He is currently one of Germany's most popular rap artists and his last two albums have topped the national charts. The incident took place at the opening concert of his Imperator Tour 2017, where fans were charged 35 euros a head to watch him perform. It's unsure whether the incident was real or part of a pre-planned stunt. Leipzig Police confirmed it is investigating an allegation of assault against the rapper following a complaint made online. Kollegah's management company declined to comment.

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