Maryland Resident Explains How $8.7 Million Was Used To Fund Illegal Immigrants like the One Who Raped a Girl in a Public School

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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The residents of Montgomery County are about fed up with having to pay for illegal immigrants to go to school. One particular resident, a woman who knew all the facts on the issue, spoke with Twitter star Jack Posobiec about what exactly the school district has been doing, in light of the fact that an illegal immigrant raped a 14 year-old girl in a Montgomery County school bathroom. “The Montgomery County school district enacted an 8.7 percent tax increase…” the woman said. “Supposedly the money was to go for school expenses for all the illegal immigrant children coming in.” -- “They’re coming in at 2,000 a year,” the woman continued. ---- So basically, taxpayers are being forced to finance people who could commit crimes. When does this end?

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