WHERE’S THE MEDIA? Black guys beat up a couple of random white guys, stomping on one’s head, then screaming ‘BLACK POWER!’

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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World Star Hip Hop is a video sharing website that panders to black “thug culture.” There is a history of users posting videos of criminal assaults against white people by black perpetrators. Many media outlets use euphemisms for these assaults like “knock-out game” and “happy slapping.”

Today a video was posted on World Star Hip Hop showing a black male assaulting two different white male victims at a gas station. Another black male and a black female are videotaping the assault and egging the perpetrator on. After the second victim is knocked down, the perp stomps on his head repeatedly. This prompts a gas station employee to yell at the perps to leave.

Before leaving, the perps yell “black power” at their white victims.

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