Marine Le Pen UNLEASHES on Angela Merkel Like Never Before And The Globalists Are Worried

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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MARINE Le Pen claims she is “in total opposition” to German chancellor Angela Merkel and that European leaders will fail with plans to punish Britain for voting to leave the EU.

Speaking on Newsnight, the Front National leader reiterated her condemnation of Brussels and said the bloc will fail to make an example of Britain by imposing a tough separation deal.

She said: “The EU wants the divorce to be as painful as possible because they can feel that other nations in Europe want to leave this political structure.

“They don’t want a domino effect - blackmail didn’t work, ‘Project Fear’ didn’t work either, so they have to try and make the separation as painful as possible.

“Will they succeed? I don’t think so.”

Asked if she thinks it is possible for Britain to get a good deal from the EU after Brexit, the Front National leader responded: “Yes, I think so.

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