Melbourne neighbours squawk at each other in hilarious squabble

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Funny
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Some very unfriendly Melbourne neighbours have been filmed hurling insults at each other from across their street during a heated row. One of the male neighbours appears to have filmed the expletive-laden confrontation as both sides accused each other of taking drugs and swearing in front of children. The video, which was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, shows the man's neighbours - a bald man in a dark T-shirt, a second older man and a woman wearing a dressing gown - standing in their driveway. 'You're that fat b**** off Housos,' the man filming yells at the woman, referring to an Australian comedy series that depicts a group of people living in public housing. The bald man is seen carrying a large metal pole as he paces in front of his house and the woman screams inaudibly. 'What are you going to do with that pole mate? You going to smash me?' the man filming yells. 'Yeah good luck with that restraining order - you f****** idiot,' he continues. The man in the black shirt turns to face the man filming and accuses him of carrying a knife, calling him a 'dirty great dog'. 'Yeah who walks around with a knife,' the woman shrilled in the background. The man filming mocks the pair, telling them he 'loves' them. 'You f****** swear at kids you swear at f****** kids, no worries mate,' he continued. The bald man becomes infuriated and approaches the man filming, threatening to take off his head. The bald man then accuses the neighbour of 'almost hitting kids' with his car. The fight continues with each side accusing the other of using drugs, a claim the man filming denies, saying he has undergone drug tests for a year. 'I'm clean as f****** anything,' he shrieks. 'Youse are on drugs, youse got no drugs today that's your problem, youse are all f****** hanging out,' the man claims. 'Find something better to do, find something better to do – you're a sad c***,' the man continues before abruptly ending the video.

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