Child trained by ISIS talks about what they made him do, and it's BARBARIC!

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A child held captive for 30 months has relived the horrors he was forced to endure at the hands of ISIS extremists.

Harrowing video footage has emerged which shows the Yazidi boy describe how the group made him undergo combat training, learn to behead victims and handle weapons.

And the seven-year-old's devastated relatives say he has struggled to reintegrate back into family life after having radical religious ideologies instilled in him.

The boy spend some two and a half years in captivity, forced to undergo brutal training teaching him how to sever heads with a knife, fire guns and assemble weapons.

The visibly distressed boy, who has not been named, tells the camera: 'We would carry arms and fire. We would disassemble and assemble the rifles.

'They then taught us how to behead, catch heads and then chop it off with a knife.'

According to the footage, thought to have been filmed in Kurdistan, more than 1,000 Yazidi children have been captured and received training at ISIS combat bases.

But officials now fear the children are 'ticking time bombs' - ready to be deployed around the world and carry out appalling acts of terror at the behest of ISIS.

The seven-year-old in the footage was captured alongside his mother, before being separated from her.

He has since forgotten his native language and his family claims they are desperately trying to 'remove' ISIS' influence.

The video claims children taken by ISIS undergo an 'organized education' in a bid to instill the group's radical religious ideology in them - even going so far as changing their names and converting their religion.

The youngster is understood to have been kidnapped during the horrific assault on Sinjar, Iraq, in 2014.

During the siege, ISIS killed thousands of Yazidi men and forced many Yazidi women to marry Islamic fighters.

More than 40,000 Yazidis were left stranded atop the Sinjar mountains, without food, water or medical supplies - resulting in a refugee crisis.

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