British Muslim Boxer Claims All the Victims of Westminster Terrorist Attack "Are Going to Hell"

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Former British boxer and Islamist activist Anthony Small posted a video online in which he pinned responsibility for the recent Westminster terror attack on the policies of the West, including the "Not-So-Great Britain." He also said that it was insensitive to burn candles out of respect of the victims, because they are going to the Hellfire. "It's like rubbing salt into the wound," he said. The video was posted on Small's YouTube account on March 28.

Anthony Small: "At no point before, during, or after making this video have I or will I have any intention to glorify, encourage, support, legitimize, condone, or incite any acts of terrorism--especially those acts of terrorism conducted by the United Snakes of America and her allies.

"I'm going to be conducting a social experiment. That is, I am going to be uploading this video twice--giving it two different headings for each upload. One speaks about the American acts of terror, and the other speaks about Khalid Mahmoud's (sic) act of terror. (I want) to see for my own self, for your own self, whether four people killed in the West mean more to you guys than hundreds, if not thousands, of people killed inside Syria.

"You have five people killed, and boo hoo hoo – a moment of silence and burning of candles, which I personally think… This is not objective and unbiased now, this is me personally speaking, as a Muslim. I think it is quite insulting to burn candles for those non-Muslims, because besides how they died – if they died in their own beds or of natural causes – to burn candles for them, while I believe they will go to the Hellfire, is a bit insensitive. But that is only my opinion, that's not objective and unbiased, that's just my opinion. You shouldn't be burning candles for people who are going to the Hellfire?! I mean that's like rubbing salt into the wound.

"We've heard it from François Hollande, Prime Minister or President, whatever it is, of France. I mean, how do you have a prime minister and a president? Democracy is confusing as it is, don't make things more confusing. Anyway, we hear François Hollande saying, 'They are attacking our way of life.' But you expect an attack of terror because of your way of life?! You hear the same from Theresa May: 'It's an attack against our way of life.' So you are expecting an attack of terrorism, where someone dies in the process, because of your way of life? No, you expect an attack of terrorism within your own lands because of what you yourselves have put forward of terrorism around the world.

"America and her allies, including Britain, are engaged in the indiscriminate massacring of unarmed men, women, and children in Islamic State-controlled areas. For all intents and purposes, whether we like them or we don't like them, we hate them or we love them, we support or reject them, whatever the case may be, they consider themselves a state. In the same way, the non-so-Great Britain considers itself a state. I say that it is not a state, I say burn it, forget it, I reject it. But it is a state, and that state feels obliged to protect its citizens.

"If Khalid Mahmoud was affiliated with the Islamic State, and he thus conducted the act in Westminster, killing four people – five including himself – then the reason why he did that is because of Western foreign policy, including not-so-Great Britain going and indiscriminately bombing unarmed men, women, and children from the sky.

"If America wants to stop going around the world bullying the place, conducting military exercises, flexing muscles, dropping bombs here, and invading lands, it will be a lot easier to convince Kim-Se Kum-Se of North Korea to denuclearize himself. The same with Iran – the Shia dogs."

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