Motorbike In Horrific Crash With Car After Girl Twerks On Roadside

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in Accidents
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Shocking video has emerged of the moment a car and motorbike collided – while a girl ‘danced’ at the side of the road. Although reports are unconfirmed, many people believe one or both of the drivers were ‘distracted’ by a girl twerking at the roadside, reports craveonline. The incident is thought to have occurred somewhere in the Ukraine, although details are still sketchy at the moment. In the video – which was originally posted to LiveLeak, a girl can be seen ‘dancing’ at the side of a road while her friend films. A motorbike can then be heard approaching from the distance and as it gets closer the girl appears to move further towards the road. At that moment a car suddenly comes into shot, slamming into the motorcyclist and sending debris flying across the street. The camera is then lowered as a woman can be heard sobbing in the background before a glove and then the biker lying on his back by the side of the road come briefly into focus. The biker reportedly left the scene and was taken to hospital, suffering a fractured pelvis and broken leg. I’d say there’s probably a number of lessons to be learned from this… Geez. Imagine what would have happened if she would have been good at it. There are so many things going on off the road these days that it’s becoming increasingly harder to focus on what’s coming at you on it. I mean, there are billboards that are basically giant televisions whose ads are just demanding your attention even if you’re not interested in the product being advertised, beautiful scenery to take in as long as you’re not driving through Iowa and of course, twerking girls. Wait, what? That’s right, kids. Two girls recently thought it would be fun to twerk – or at least try to twerk – along a road while vehicles passed by. If you find yourself asking what could possibly be the worst thing to happen from that, well, the answer is this: Car Collides With Motorcycle After At Least One Of The Drivers Gets Distracted By Twerking Girl The motorcycle driver reportedly left the scene, but it wasn’t on his bike thanks to the fact that both his bike and his hip were busted into a thousand pieces. On top of that, he reportedly suffered an “open fracture of the leg.”

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