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Well-intentioned driver tries to help old lady but it ends badly

Posted by The King Slayer 2017 years ago in FAIL!
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This is the moment a Good Samaritan's attempt to help a pensioner cross the road spectacularly backfired when his car rolled into the elderly woman and knocked her to the ground. The driver was filmed on a dashcam getting out of his car and rushing over to help the frail lady who is walking slowly with the aid of two crutches. She tries to point out that the man's car is in neutral and is rolling perilously towards the pair behind him but he waves off her desperate pleas. A cyclist and another bystander then call over to the driver and he attempts to stop the moving vehicle with his foot. But it is far too late and the four-by-four careers into the elderly woman before knocking her to the road. The cyclist then rushes over to help the fallen pensioner to her feet and a small crowd surrounds the woman. The red-faced driver can then be seen giving her a hug of support in the clip which was recorded in Saare County, Estonia. He later said the pensioner was 'frightened' when she was knocked over in the collision which happened in February. But she escaped the bump without serious injury after being checked over by paramedics. The driver added: 'Everything appeared to be in order so I called an ambulance and left the scene.' Dashcam footage of the collision has racked up thousands of views after going viral with internet users remarking on the 'unfortunate' situation. Another added: 'I love it how she tries to warn him that his car is rolling and he brushes her off.' Some commenters thought that the man was merely a passenger in the vehicle and that the car was being deliberately driven in to the woman in frustration. Viewer Imtheguyman said: 'That attempt to stop it with his foot though' UniversalFBI added: 'I hope she's okay.'

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