Terrifying moment teens found in zombie state after smoking drugs

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Drunk/High
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Shocking video has emerged of three men lying unconscious and frothing from the mouth at a children's playground after allegedly smoking 'zombie drugs'. Taken by a passerby walking through a housing commission estate in Auckland, New Zealand, the footage shows the men in a seemingly comatosed state. Spread out over a bench and footpath, one of the men lies on the ground with a fist clenched and froth coming from his mouth, while children's voices can be heard in the background. Posted to social media on Wednesday, the video comes months after fears were first raised of the prevalence of 'zombie drugs' such as Flakka in Australia, following a rise in drug-related overdoses on the Gold Coast. Believed to have smoked a synthetic drug, the footage shows the men unresponsive to attempts by the passerby to wake them. 'Get up, you're frothing, bro,' the man says, before rolling the comatosed man on the footpath onto his side. Eventually the man wakes, but is barely able to respond to the Good Samaritan, who has been praised by many of the almost 100,000 to watch the video.'Zombie drugs' first rose to prominence in the United States, before police warned it had spread to Australia by late 2016. Flakka, the most well known of synthetic drugs, was widely believed to have been to blame for a spate of overdoses on the Gold Coast last October. Up to 16 people were rushed to hospital following what authorities dubbed one of the worst 'mass overdose sprees' in Australian history. It was later revealed the overdoses were likely the result of a bad batch of a drug called 'N-bomb' and MDMA. Recently a 'zombie drug' called Spice has been sweeping through New Zealand, with a man sharing video of his sister and her friend's reaction to the synthetic substance. Shocking footage showing the pair in zombie-like states was viewed by more than 1 million people online

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