WOW! Publicly funded PBS once ran a segment brainwashing viewers into believing the death of white America is a good thing

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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his clip is from "America By The Numbers: Our Private Idaho". Funded by PBS and aired on PBS in 2014.


Is there a generational thing?

Oh, absolutely.

I have met maybe only one or two young racists that were more racist than their parents.

Almost 100% of the time they're less racist than their parents.

So, part of this greater America that we see on the horizon and that is arriving daily is just simply waiting for old white guys like me to die off, and we're gonna have a new America.

And you're okay saying that?

Oh, absolutely.

With a smile!

Oh, yeah, sure.

Everybody's gonna be better off when my generation is gone.

Everybody's gonna be better off.

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