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Tomi Lahren UNLEASHES On Hillary Clinton after Another Ridiculous Claim She Lost the Election Because of the FBI Investigation into Her Crimes

Posted by moku 7 months ago in News
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Hillary Clinton recently re-emerged into the sunlight from her crypt this week in order to discuss why she lost the election. Incredibly, Clinton’s denial remains strong, for she partially blamed “misogyny” for her electoral defeat.

In a new video, Tomi Lahren tells Clinton that the American people did not WANT her. Not only did Hillary promise more years of Obama politics, but it was her own decision to have a “sketchy” private email server, to run the Clinton Foundation like a patronage ring, and to not bother with campaigning in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and other swing states.

Clinton’s “sorry, not sorry” excuse is representative of her poor character.

Now, after her sound thrashing in the Electoral College, Clinton has gone back to being a liberal political activist.

While still harping on the nonexistent misogyny that cost her the election, Clinton told the crowd at the Planned Parenthood gala in New York that there is a “group of men” who are taking away the “health rights” of American women, via CNN.

First of all, abortion has nothing to do with health. It is simply the option to murder a child because someone does not feel like taking on the responsibility of raising a kid.

This “group of men” is clearly meant to represent the Trump administration, which is currently in the process of trying to restore some normalcy to the American body of politics after almost a decade of left-wing lunacy.

Not to be outdone, Clinton’s thirst for blood cannot be satiated with just dead American babies. During the Women for Women International luncheon, Clinton criticized President Trump for his “one-off” strike against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his confrontation with North Korea, via RT.

I guess “going high” means being a warmonger who would ruin the American economy in order to appease neoconservatives and neoliberals in Washington, D.C.

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