'You are clearly a woman!' Woman who wants to be referred to as "They" gets obliterated on a British TV show

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your pronouns are not pronouns. congratulations motherfucker you have literally destroyed the integrity, meaning, and purpose behind having pronouns, basically shorter, universal words to use instead of names.

your pronouns are hard or impossible to pronounce, especially if the speaker is not a native speaker (congratulations for confusing the fuck out of second language speakers who’ve never heard of your bullshit phey/phim/phemself pronouns) or if they have autism/language processing difficulties/speech impediments/cant process text to conversational English.

have you ever tried to use woof/woofs/woofself in actual daily conversation? No, because it’s the clunkiest set of words devised specifically for a single person in the history of anything ever since names were invented. And you know what came after names to help people be able to just easily mention one another instead of shouting out Oscar Fingal OFlahertie Wills Wilde? Pronouns. Simple, easy, he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/their pronouns.

you’re making a mockery of nonbinary gender identities, and people arent’ going to take them as seriously if you’re going to run around strapping plant pronouns on everything. Like, I get it, I’m a robot, I’m probably not 100% the most masculine thing on earth and at some points in my life I’ve probably been more or less gender neutral in my identity but never ever ever will you see me running around demanding people refer to me by bot/bots/botself or whatever. People already doubt the integrity of NB genders, and making a spectacle of them is only going to make that worse.

your pronoun is more than two syllables, defeating the entire purpose of pronouns as shortening place holders for names, although the ridiculousness of it already struck its purpose so there’s hardly any point mentioning this.

gendered pronouns for a supposedly nonbinary cause are actually the worst idea and if you’re trying to be nonbinary but use prince/king/mermaid pronouns it completely defeats the purpose of attempting to rid yourself of gender binary.

you are treating pronouns like accessories, you’re picking whichever one seems cute and which will make you stand out as cutest. This is turning the people who fight for months/years/decades/lifetimes to have people use the correct pronouns (he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/their, and whatever the xie/zie ones are, I’m not sure how to spell those out right) into jokes and you’re pretty much invalidating trans* and nonbinary individuals’ experiences in a way.

if you are female presenting/identifying and faab, or male presenting/identifying and maab, then you are appropriating trans people by using special supposedly nonbinary pronouns.

this is basically the same bullshit as transspecies, it’s equating nonhumanness to transness and, as much as I hate to say it, when you bring nonhumans into something the mainstream immediately thinks they have a reason to stop taking you seriously. So youre pretty much putting a target on trans peoples’ backs for yet another reason.

we don’t even respond to plants with fucking plant pronouns do you know fucking pointless all of this is? Yes, plants are nonbinary, that’s why people call them it or them. Animals are usually referred to as s/he depending on their species which is dumb but still. They use the same pronouns every other thing in the language does. Hell, talking books in movies don’t get ridiculous pronouns, fairies don’t get ridiculous pronouns, it’s all he/she/they/zie.

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