Islamist's Threats Lead to a Former Muslim Changing Her Name after the Police in Sweden Say They Can't Protect Her

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Sharia is already rampant in Sweden and the rest of Western Europe, and the police have to work ever harder to protect in particular women, non-Muslims, and converts against it. More on the lovely Mona Walter here and here. Translated from Dagen:

Threats and harassment became part of everyday life for Mona Walter when she began to criticize Islam publicly. Now she feels that it has gone too far and is looking for a new home and will need to acquire a new identity.

“I decided to move when people started ringing at the door.”

Mona Walter has almost become accustomed to the threats that she gets daily due to her criticism of Islam. But as the threats and harassment increased near her at home or on the way to work, she felt that it went beyond her control.

When Dagen (newspaper) meets Walter, she wants to make sure that we will not disclose were she is or where she is about to move. Now she is in continuous contact with the SÄPO (Security Service) and the police to find a new home and create a protected identity.

The number of threats increased

After Mona Walter last spring participated in a TV program at SVT Västnytt, the number of threats increased significantly and many tried to get her to stop criticizing Islam. The program was about the problems that she and many others experience when leaving Islam and converting to Christianity.

“Someone has posted my residence address online, urging people to assassinate me. I wrote out the contents and showed the police, but they did not do anything.”

But now, the threats have become serious, and Mona says that the police have begun to understand the seriousness and the fear she feels that something could happen.

“They write, for example, ‘We will kill you’ or ‘Al-Shabab will kill you,'” she says.

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