Hi-jackers swipe SECOND car from family using keyless trick

Posted by The King Slayer 11 months ago in CCTV
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Keyless car theives have stolen a Mercedes from a family's driveway - just weeks after an almost identical theft in the same area. Shocking CCTV showed a man apparently using a laptop to 'hack' a £35,000 car from outside a home in Grays, Essex last month. Now a second family have come forward to tell how they believe the theft of their Mercedes was carried out by the same men. Julie Bettles had returned from walking the dog on May 2 when she realised her husband's company car had vanished from their driveway in Gidea Park, Essex. The 43-year-old rang police while looking through CCTV and spotted two men saunter onto her driveway. Using the same method employed in the Grays theft, CCTV footage shows one hooded figure walking round to the driver's side of the white Mercedes while another holds a hand-held device up against the wall. Within seconds the car doors pop open and the pair drive off - despite the keys still hanging on a hook at the back of the house. Ms Bettles said she was stunned to spot one of the thieves appearing to wear the same jacket he did in CCTV footage shared by the victim of the Grays theft, Paige Foster. The manufacturing assistant says the theft of her and company director husband Mark's car has left her and her children fearing for their safety. Mother-of-two Ms Bettles said: 'Watching the CCTV footage back and seeing one of the men walk down the side of my house, probably to get better signal, made me feel really sick. 'It looks like he's carrying a small electronic device. 'What is the world coming to? I have a dog, CCTV and a house alarm and hang the keys out of sight at the back of the house and they still managed to steal the car. What more can you do? 'My kids were frightened to go to bed the night after it happened and asked whether the door was locked and the alarm was on. 'I was on edge lying in bed thinking about what had happened. Telling of her suspicions it is the same theives as the Grays theft, she added: 'He's wearing the same hoody and jacket with a scarf across his face. 'Everyone I've shown the CCTV stills to who have seen the other story say it's got to be the same person.' The Metropolitan Police have confirmed they were investigating the theft. No arrests have been made. A Mercedes-Benz spokesman said: 'We're sorry to learn about this customer's experience. 'All Mercedes-Benz vehicles have extensive security and anti-theft protection systems.'

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