Dr Pimple Popper Removes Bowling Ball-sized Neck Lump(GRAPHIC CONTENT )

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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She's the scalpel-wielding doctor annihilating any stomach-churning, pus-filled lump and bump she's presented with. Now Dr Pimple Popper may have been given her biggest challenge yet - a jaw-dropping 400g fatty lump the size of a bowling ball. Her latest viral video shows her removing the bulge from the back of a man's neck, which she describes as 'a bear of a lipoma'. Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, hoped it would come out easily - but the monster growth didn't want to budge. Eventually she is forced to put down her surgical tools and yank the fatty cells out with her bare hands. The California-based dermatologist starts by numbing the area and reassuring her patient, an unidentified father-of-five from London, that he shouldn't feel any pain, just 'a little tightness'. As she slices into the huge lump, the man's wife tells her: 'Everybody has been saying "get it out, get it out"'. The doctor then warns the couple that she won't be able to remove the lump in one go, explaining that the fatty cells had grown so much they were deeply embedded in his back. After sewing up the huge wound, she shows the man the gooey mess she removed and he rather casually exclaims: 'It looks like curried shrimp.' Dr Sandra Lee said it was a 'very frustrating' surgery. 'I didn't want to create a scar line that spanned his entire upper back but I wanted to reduce the size of this lipoma as much as possible and as safely as possible,' she said. She said: 'I didn't get the area completely flat, but it does look much better and most importantly, I believe the patient is pleased.' Afterwards, Dr Pimple Popper joked the patient misses his 'built-in pillow'. 'He said that he is doing well, and the only thing he misses about his lipoma was his "built-in pillow", but he uses his wife for that now,' she said. Uploaded on May 14, the video has already amassed more than 1.8 million views on her popular YouTube channel.

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