Cemetery maintenance men caught playing golf on veterans gravesite

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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A group of men were caught on video playing golf over graves inside a Northern California cemetery. The Newton family from Humboldt County, California, was visiting the Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka to see if a relative's headstone had been placed over the grave. When the family drove through the cemetery, one of the children saw three men, who they believe were maintenance workers, appearing to play golf. The child can be heard in the video saying, 'They're playing golf here.' The car stops and the camera isn't facing the men, but the two women in the car can be heard talking about the men, pointing out they were playing golf 'in the veterans' place'. 'They're playing golf over graves,' one of the women says. 'That, to me, does not seem right.' Soon after that, the camera is moved to face two men who appear to be swinging golf clubs. Then the Newtons' car drives towards the men who can be seen picking something up off the ground and walking away. The Newtons drove closer to the men who were walking towards a truck and a smaller vehicle with a trailer attached to the back. One of the men appeared to be holding golf clubs. Then the video shows the footage zoomed in, giving a better look at the men, who the Newtons believe are maintenance people based on the truck, trailer and equipment. The video was taken from inside the Newtons' car. The family has their own YouTube channel and was already filming for another video when they saw the men playing golf. They posted the video on Wednesday and wrote: 'Today we caught something disturbing on video. Maintenance men at Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka golfing on top of graves in the veteran's section. 'When we realized what was happening and started heading their way, they immediately grabbed their clubs and ball and went to their vehicles. If they'll golf on veteran's graves, what else are they doing where our loved ones are?' An official for the Ocean View Cemetery said the cemetery is 'appalled'. 'We are looking into it and will take appropriate action up to and including terminating any employee involved at any time,' the official told the Eureka Times-Standard.

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