Keeping it classy! DNC's outgoing California leader who leads a "F*ck Donald Trump" chant tells protester afterwards "shut the f*ck up"

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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The California Democratic Party convention started with a bang Friday night, with protesters disrupting speeches at the official kickoff and state party Chairman John Burton unleashing a series of F-bombs aimed at the demonstrators.

The chanting began when Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Burton stepped up to the podium in a cavernous hall at the state capital’s convention center, with protesters shouting demands that the party reject corporate donations and work to implement a single-payer healthcare system.

Burton, known for his salty language, lashed out quickly. He told protesters that the Democratic Party had been fighting for single-payer healthcare “since before you were born.”

“Hey, shut the … up or go outside,” Burton said.

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