Katy Perry's Response to Manchester Terrorist attack…No Barriers…No Borders…Coexist". Even though she lives in a giant, gated mansion with top notch security

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Katy Perry, who has time and again made no secret of her double-digit IQ, gave another display of her distance from reality after the massacre committed by an Islamic terrorist in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.

In an interview on Tuesday with Elvis Duran on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, Perry offered her profound advice: “Just unite and love on each other.” That would have been insulting enough after knowing that some Islamic fanatic had murdered and maimed children with nails, but there was more; Perry and Duran lived in their own world in which the only thing that seemingly mattered was that the fan bases of Perry and Ariana Grande get along, and that the best answer to Islamic terrorism was to simply produce more concerts.

Duran prompted the idiocy with some of his own, saying, “The first thing I thought of this morning was, I just want to go to a concert. I just want to prove to the world that we need to get together and have festive get-togethers like your tour that you just announced. What are your thoughts on that?”

Perry: “You know, I can’t tell anyone else how they should feel, but I just feel devastated.”

Duran, impressed: “Yeah?”

Perry: “Yeah.”

Duran: “Yeah. So you should. We all should. It’s a sad thing. People getting together for what is supposed to be the elevating show.” He said confidently, “And you know, they will continue. They will happen.”

Perry then waxed as eloquent as she could manage:

What an elitist twat! Hey Katy, how about you get rid of your security and body guards? I mean why have that moat of security in front of the stage every concert, just have NO BARRIERS and COEXIST with everyone at your show? And while you are at it, how about getting rid of your mansion's security, no gates or guards, just let every homeless guy shit on your daisies, you brain dead ameba. One must fear for our youth. They have this bimbo, Miley, and Grande leading the music pack. The Three Slutskateers giving life lessons and policy expertise. God help us all.

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