Predator attempts to strangle Melbourne student waiting for bus

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in News
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A woman, 23, has revealed the horrifying moment a predator held her down and strangled her at a bus top amid a wave of sexual assaults on public transport. CCTV shows the man listening to music on a Glen Waverly-bound train in Melbourne moments before raised his arm in a gun gesture and pretended to pull a trigger. The man then got off at Syndal Station, where he launched the chilling random attack on a student, known as 'Susie', as she waited for her bus, reports 9News. 'He just sat on me and then when I tried to move away, he grabbed my neck and tried to strangle me,' Susie said. 'I couldn't scream at all because I was really scared.' Alarming statistics show sex assaults on trains and at train stations have surged up by 28 percent during the day and 50 percent at night in the last year. On trams, tram stops, buses and bus stops, daytime attacks have risen by 19 percent, but at night they have gone down by 28 percent. Daytime attacks on trains and train stations have risen by 20 percent, and by 13 percent at night. On trams, tram stops, buses and bus stops, daytime assaults have spiked by 7 percent and at night by 22 percent. Police say predators are preying on passengers who are on their own, and urged anyone affected to contact authorities immediately.

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