These Londoners Are Standing with Pres. Trump over Their Muslim Mayor Who Continues to Appease Islam

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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It is obvious that Brexit would never have happened yet if not for Angela Merkel allowing more refugees than could be safety vetted and absorbed into the European Union. While the falling Euro was surely going to bring this departure about, the terror seen was what caused it to happen now and not ten years from now when the U.K. resembled Greece.

With Brexit, it seemed as though England has learned their lesson, only to elect an Islamic mayor by the name of Sadiq Khan. While there is certainly nothing wrong with electing the right man for the right job, Khan had a history of being overly accepting of those bent on causing terrorist acts in Great Britain, and today he heard from the people.

In a Boca Vista Twitter video of a protest following another round of savage killing by sharia terrorists, the citizenry were chanting, “Donald Trump, WE LOVE YOU!”

The utter embarrassment of Khan is now complete. Between this and the bombing, many suggest that he should simply step down, for he is in over his head.

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