UNREAL-Trevor Noah is asked to compare Trump to S. Africa's WHITE GENOCIDE President, Colbert would rather have Zuma than Trump

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In an almost surreal moment during last night's interview with Trevor Noah on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, a shocking exchange occurred when discussing the differences between Donald Trump and South Africa's Jacob Zuma.

A quick background into who Zuma is shows a frightening genocidal dictator who openly calls for the confiscation of WHITE LANDS and has done nothing to quell the white genocide that has resulted in the murder of between 50-70k whites.

Whites have been systematically targeted, often times raped and tortured before being killed.

In 2012, then ANC President Jacob Zuma sang 'Kill the Boer' in Bloemfontein on the anniversary of the ANC. The ANC is a pro-communist terrorist organization that committed numerous acts of terrorism during its existence. They are also inciting Boer genocide or the genocide of Whites in South Africa with that song.

So getting back to last night's discussing, these two progressives in all their pomposity and disdain for President Trump couldn't even bring themselves to identifying the GIANT elephant in the room which is a BLACK RACIST dictator, openly calling for genocide and getting it.

The cherry on the Sundae was the fact that Colbert would actually rather have Zuma than Trump as his President.

....and the barking seals in the room laughed and applauded.

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