Democrat Pushing Welfare for Refugees Opens a Portland State House Session with the Islamic Prayer

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A Democratic representative in Maine, who is currently fighting for more welfare for refugees, opened a State House session with an Islamic prayer in honor of Ramadan on Tuesday.

“In recognition of more than one billion Muslims worldwide who celebrate Ramadan — a holy month of fasting, introspection, and prayer for Muslims and followers of Islam — including more than six million people in the United States I offer this prayer called the or Al-Fatiha,” Rachel Talbot Ross from Portland said during the opening remarks. “Please pray.”

Ross began in Arabic, before offering the prayer in English.

“In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful — praise be to God, the cherisher, the sustainer of the world. The most Gracious, most Merciful, master of the Day of Judgment,” Ross continued.

Before being elected to the Maine State House of Representatives, Ross worked for the Maine NAACP and was Portland’s former director of equal opportunity and multicultural affairs. She was also the executive director of an organization called King Fellows, a nonprofit immigrant student group.

“We have female genital mutilation, gang rape, hijabs and burkas — we might as well have the Democrat from Portland push the prayers of the ‘religion of peace’ on us. The prayer was offered on Tuesday afternoon,” Maine First Media, which obtained the video, told Big League Politics.

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