Chaotic Scenes Unfold As a Palestinian Terrorist Stabs a 19 Years Old Female Border Policemen to Death on the Streets of Jerusalem

Posted by moku 2 years ago in War
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A 19-year-old border policewoman was killed and another female officer critically wounded in an attack Wednesday at Damascus Gate by three Arab terrorists wielding machine guns, pipe bombs and knives.

All three assailants were shot dead at the scene. Their explosives did not detonate and were later neutralized by a police bomb disposal team.

The commander of the Border Police team that killed two of the attackers said that he saw two of the terrorists shortly after 2 p.m. sitting on a bench wearing jackets, and that when he approached them they seemed to be uneasy.

He said he asked them for their identification cards, at which point one of them stood up, pulled a gun from his jacket and hit the officer over the head with the weapon.

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