Italian Mayor Virginia Elena Raggi, Is a Total Bad Ass And What She Just Did Triggered Liberals And Muslims BIG TIME

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Virginia Elena Raggi is an Italian lawyer and politician, the current Mayor of Rome, first elected in 2016 – and has boldly claimed they are officially at war with Islam and issued a ban. She does not care who it offends and the rest of the world should be paying attention: The Rome mayor has called for a ban on any more migrants living in the city over fears of ‘social tensions’

Thanks to the reckless antics of globalist leaders across the world, terror groups like ISIS are quickly gaining momentum towards their goal of establishing a global Islamic Caliphate. We’ve seen the horrifying results of these barbarians infiltrating countries across Europe posed as refugees, as terror attacks are now becoming a daily occurrence in places like the U.K. and Germany, as they’re now setting their sights on other westernized countries.

But one badass female politician in the form of Rome’s mayor is grabbing ISIS by the balls, in a brutal proclamation that has liberals losing their minds and the rest of us giving this brave woman a huge pat on the back.

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