FEAR THE DELICIOUSNESS!! 'I took one bite and thought I'm never going back' Muslim converts after tasting bacon!

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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A Muslim man has revealed his life changed the first time he tried bacon after ditching his religion and becoming an atheist.

Author Sami Shah, 38, appeared on Network Ten's The Project to promote his new book, and told Islamic host Waleed Aly about the joys of eating pig - which is banned in Muslim culture.

'I thought I can't do this... and then I took one bite and thought, "I'm never going back",' Mr Shah told Aly.

'I open my day with bacon now. My fridge right now is an entire pig dissected.'

A fascinated Aly asked Mr Shah if he was frightened about trying bacon for the first time because 'some atheists who are Jewish cannot eat pork', but the ex-Islamic comedian assured him it was worth it.

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