Leftist at CBS News Follow MSNBC, Asked If the Republican Who Was Shot by a Leftist Terrorist was a "Self-Inflicted" Shooting

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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CBS, always keeping it classy. CBS News: Was The Steve Scalise Shooting ‘To Some Degree Self-Inflicted’? -- From TownHall: CBS News’ Scott Pelley offered a commentary last week, calling the attacking congressional Republicans self-inflicted “to some degree,” so Rep. Scalise being shot was partially his fault. That’s classy. -- Clearly being classy is their NEW thing. JFC… You really just have to shake your head at this point. -- If a Democrat is shot, the shooter's politics are the problem. - If a Republican is shot, the victim's politics are the problem. -- Bingo. Yes, he skirt was too short you idiots at CBS. Victim blaming.

How about this headline: "Was the Finsbury Park van attack to some degree self-inflicted?" Ok, that won’t go over well … at all. Do they realize this is akin to blaming a woman for being raped if she wears a short skirt? They’re too busy shaming Scalise for getting shot to actually think about WHY.

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