Man Fakes Stab Wound To “Prank” Ambulance Who Was There To Save Him

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in FAIL!
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What a terrible, TERRIBLE prank… I feel bad even calling this a “prank” that is how dumb these morons are. In a hope to go viral, these guys planned a fake stabbing that ended with real paramedics showing up to potentially save a life. When you first see this video and the thumbnail you are thinking, “ooooooh damn! This dude must have just got shot.” Even after the first few seconds, I had no idea where it was going to go. I thought I was witnessing a dude bleeding out in the streets right next to his lunch. As you can imagine – people are not too happy with this dudes prank. The comment section is pretty brutal: What a douche…. someone’s life was probably really in need of medical assistance and y’all got nothing better to do then play games and act like little kids all on tax payers dime… get a life and a dam job See, not only is that coming out the tax payers‘ money, but there are people who DIE waiting for an ambulance; this really pissed me off ! What a stooge wasting emergency services time. Someone who actually needed an ambulance could have died, whilst they are being tied up with this idiot Not funny. The paramedics could be saving someone’s life and these hooligans are playing pranks. Honestly they should be arrested or at least fined. Imbecile You know there’s ppl out there really needing the assistance you guys are playing with I hope shit goes viral and yall asses GET ARRESTED FOR BEING SUCH A SCUMBAGS Fuckin dumbass this is sonething he could be charged for, they could of been saving someone elses life instead of this dumbfuck That’s nothing to joke around with smh. Now when it’s really a problem they’ll be mad when the paramedics or police take to long to come. Ignorance and stupidity at its best.

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