Dude Put On Blast By Large Woman On Plane After Texting Fat Jokes To Wife

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in FAIL!
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"here's the video i took with the man, eric, who did this shitty shit to me. i hope my voice isn't too shaky and my voice doesn't waver. not the best audio quality but i feel good about the interaction because you should have SEEN his 'holy shit' face when i called him out. i didn't want to film his face that much because i didn't want him to get me for filming without consent. he tried lying, but when i started quoting him, he knew i was for real. also, bonus gem - he went from immediately apologizing to calling me inadequate to be sitting in an exit row because i couldn't possibly help anyone in an emergency because i'm fat but quickly shut him down with that bullshit.Even more bonus gem? he apologized AGAIN and offered to take me to dinner 'for the trouble'. WHAT WAS THIS INTERACTION?!"

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