Welcome to multiculturalism! African Migrants Leave the Streets of Paris Looking like a War Zone

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The Paris police headquarters announced that it had banned any demonstration on Saturday around the Olympia concert hall due to "risks of public disorder" linked to the opposition opponents of President Kabila's regime, Prevent a concert of a Congolese considered as a support of the power.

The Prefecture of Police (PP) said it had given "all instructions to its services" to allow the concert of the singer Heir Watanabe, which starts at 1800 GMT, to take place.

The PP said it had taken a decree "banning the holding of any event related to this concert in a wide area" around Olympia between 1400 GMT and 2200 GMT on Saturday.

The management of the room had asked for the cancellation of the concert and "filed an urgent complaint" Thursday in front of the threats "made in a complex political context in the DRC," told AFP one of the lawyers of Olympia , Céline Astolfe.

The Olympia wanted the PP to ban the concert, "as it did on June 22 at the Cigale, another room, for another Congolese artist," Fally Ipupa, after similar threats, added Astolfe.

The Paris public prosecutor's office opened an investigation following the complaint for "threats and malicious calls", a judicial source said.

Several Congolese artists such as Héritier Watanabe are regularly targeted by opponents of the Congolese diaspora, especially in Europe, who accuse them of singing for President Joseph Kabila during the 2006 and 2011 presidential campaigns and not singing for the Change at the head of the country.

Joseph Kabila has been in power in the DRC since 2001. While his mandate expired on 20 December and the Constitution prohibits him from running for office, he remains at the head of the country under a controversial decision by the Constitutional Court .

The Congolese electoral commission said on July 7 that the organization of presidential and legislative elections would not be possible before the end of the year, as was foreseen in an agreement signed between opposition and power on December 31 to try to get out of The political crisis that has been undermining the country for several years.

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