Libtard Teacher Calls her Students Racist for Putting up Trump Pics and Trump's Agenda in her Classroom

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Listen to this black teacher repeatedly threatened her own students while labeling them racists over and over again simply because they responded to her constant bashing of Pres. Trump by putting up signs featuring President Trump with slogans such as "Obama your fired" as well as president Trump's agenda.

The gap toothed teacher was also made fun of due to her massive gap in the front of her teeth by her students, and her "Mexican" teacher friend also suggested her students were racist simply for putting up a wall made of paper at her doorway.

Perhaps of this teacher had decided to not use her classroom in order to promote her liberal agenda the students wouldn't have responded by putting up president Trump signs and pictures. However, when you openly admit that you don't even like the students are teaching you've already lost the battle and should subsequently be fired for bashing your students and labeling them as racist simply for putting up signs supporting the president of the country in which they live in.

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