Communist Controlled Media in China airs a segment showing them attacking India

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India should get ready for an “all-out confrontation” along the entire stretch of the disputed boundary with China, the country’s state media said on Tuesday, threatening to open up new fronts of conflict on the 3,488 km non-demarcated border between the two countries.

China isn’t afraid to go to “war” with India and will be ready for a long-term confrontation, the Global Times comment piece said.

The threat of new geographical points of conflict being opened up along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) comes amid the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently carrying out live-fire drills in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) close to Arunachal Pradesh, claimed by China as part of south Tibet.

The continuing hostile posturing by China’s state-controlled media is a crucial aspect of Beijing’s overall aggressive stand taken on the ongoing military impasse at Donglang across the Sikkim border.

“China can take further countermeasures along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). If India stirs up conflicts in several spots, it must face the consequence of an all-out confrontation with China along the entire LAC,” the nationalistic tabloid, Global Times, said in a comment piece on Tuesday. “China doesn’t advocate and tries hard to avoid a military clash with India, but China doesn’t fear going to war to safeguard sovereignty either, and will make itself ready for a long-term confrontation,” it added.

Affiliated to the Communist Party of China (CPC) mouthpiece, People’s Daily, the Global Times has been on the forefront of Chinese media’s editorial attack on India. Its battle-plan is short and simple – obfuscate New Delhi’s points of view on the current impasse and peddle China’s deliberately one-sided view of the situation.

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