Obama's Iran Deal Architect Claims the North Korean Deal Worked As Well, Then Admits It Was a Colossal Failure, But Blames Republicans

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Wendy Sherman also blamed Republicans for the current problems.

Wendy Sherman, a former Clinton and Obama administration official, told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday that the North Korea nuclear deal in the 1990s worked, before admitting seconds later that the deal had, in fact, not worked.

“The agreed framework, which was put in place by President Clinton at the beginning of his administration, did in fact ensure that for eight years, there was no more fissile material, the stuff that creates a nuclear weapon, that was produced in North Korea,” Sherman said. “And there were no nuclear weapons.”

Literally in her next sentence, Sherman contradicts this.

“Now it is true, when Bush 43 came in, they discovered that there was a secret uranium enrichment program,” she said. “The Soviets cheated, and we didn’t blow up every agreement with them.”

Sherman then blamed Republicans for the current situation because they didn’t support the “Agreed Framework,” which allowed the North Koreans to cheat and secretly enrich uranium.

Sherman helped craft the North Korean deal when she was in the Clinton administration. Then later, she became the chief negotiator on the 2015 Iran deal.

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