Nineteen-year-old YouTuber “Jay Versace” holds a knife and threatenis to destroy “white people” as a race after Charlottesville

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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A nineteen-year-old YouTuber “Jay Versace” produced a ranting video while holding a knife and threatening to destroy “white people” as a race because there’s “way more black people than white people in this motherf**king country, world, and existence.”

“Ya’ll n***as want to burn candles? B*tch, we’ll burn neighborhoods down,” Versace says. “We’ll go all the way to wherever ya’ll motherf**kin’ live and light that whole sh*t up!”

“I’m telling you know, cut it the f**k out. The black person you see right now, is not the same black person you saw in 1923. We a whole new breed, b*tch. And we crazy as f**k, try it b*tch, I f**king dare you, do something, try i.,”

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