Russia unveils new supersonic stealth fighter jets that can be INVISIBLE to enemies

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in News
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Russia has unveiled its first fleet of supersonic stealth fighter jets which are so advanced that they appear INVISIBLE to enemies. The Sukhoi-57 is said to rival the American F-22 and Chinese Chengdu J-20 and Shenyang J-31 combat planes. The country's air force chief Viktor Bondarev told Russian defence TV channel Zvezda Russia's first fifth-generation fighter jet will be known as the Su-57. The aircraft was dubbed ‘PAK FA’ and ‘T-50’ during development. Mr Bondarev told Zvezda: " The decision has been taken, the plane has been christened. Su-57 is what we are going to call it now," the Tass agency reported.

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