NYPD Officer's Usage of Sarcasm Goes Right over This Trump tower Libtard Protesters Head

Posted by moku 2 years ago in FAIL!
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Those idiots think he's serious. The anti-Trump protest near Trump Tower in New York City has certainly had its lowlights, but in a quieter sort of way this NYPD officer triggering unsuspecting Resistance members (including a woman featured in an earlier post losing her mind) is one of the night’s finer moments. -- "I sold my soul for a badge" - An NYPD officer to protesters while moving them away from Trump Tower. -- Confirmed: Some heroes use sarcasm. -- And the best part was they thought he was serious. Um, he's mocking them. Him and the other cop are smiling. Few people on this Earth give less of a fuck about your political grandstanding than New York City police officers. If this sarcasm was on SNL the writers would have to write 3 minutes into it to explain the sarcasm with props, stage setup and costumes.

Apparently they were protesting sarcasm and humor. He's clearly mocking them. As 98.9% of other cops would have done. Myself included. It's called sarcasm ladies. He's mocking you. LMAO - these protesters are so dumb. Those idiots think he's serious and not that he's mocking them.

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