Drunk man jumps into zoo enclosure to feed bear but animal bites his hand off in bloody attack

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in CCTV
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A drunk man had his hand bitten off by a bear after he jumped into the animal's zoo enclosure to feed it condensed milk. The 42-year-old's bloody attack was caught on CCTV as he ignored warning signs to climb over a fence in Irkutsk, Russia. According to reports, the man had consumed a lot of alcohol and wanted to give the bear something to drink. The bear sank its teeth into the 42-year-old's hand, refusing to let go. A nearby cafe worker ran to the man's rescue, beating the animal off before calling an ambulance and rushing the him to hospital. CCTV captures the moment the man is carried from the scene on a stretcher - clutching one arm to his chest. Russian national Alexander Lopukhin, 44, survived after brawling with the "psycho" animal for 10 minutes before it eventually retreated. Battered Alexander revealed at one stage of the mauling he was "convinced he would die" but managed to grab the bear by its head and punch it to stay alive. The female bear, whose cub was nearby, was stunned following the attack before it walked off. With blood pouring from his wounds, and the tip of his nose almost severed, Lopukhin then walked four miles through a forest until his phone came back within coverage and he could summon help.

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