UNREAL! Democrat with a History of Racists Antiwhite Comments Compares Pres. Trump to Adolf Hitler

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in
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Democratic representative James Clyburn said Wednesday that the United States is moving closer to Nazi Germany with a Hitler-like Donald Trump at the helm.

“We are approaching a place that we’ve been before,” Clyburn said on CNN, indicating that he thinks the country is on the path toward Nazi Germany.

“We remember from our studies what happened in the 1930s in Germany,” he said. “I told a business group down at Hilton Head several weeks before the election, that what I saw coming was a replay of what happened in Nazi Germany.”

Clyburn then argued that President Trump is like Hitler because they both were elected by the people and apparently participate in “foolishness.”

“The fact of the matter is Hitler was elected as chancellor of Germany. He did not become a dictator until later when people began to be influenced by his foolishness,” Clyburn asserted. “We just elected a president and he’s got a lot of foolishness going on, and I’m afraid that too many people are being influenced by that foolishness.”

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