IT WAS STAGED!! 'White nationalist,' Matthew Colligan…,. who led the Charlottesville protest is actually an Obama Supporter and Devout Liberal!!!!

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Behind the torch: Massachusetts resident identified in viral photo taken at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville -- Those who knew him say Colligan was reserved, friendly, funny; even politically progressive. One person knew him as a canvasser for progressive causes like reproductive rights as recently as 2016. … Another woman who lived in Boston, and preferred not to be named, said she met Colligan when he was canvassing around the city. To her, the mustached man seemed like a genuine forward-thinker who spoke to people about women's reproductive rights, environmental rights, and impoverished children in the global south. "I always saw him as a very left-leaning and progressive person," she said. "We would talk and share our frustrations about people who would waste their time and energy being anti-choice and homophobic and racist." …

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