Drunken Brits brawl on Ryanair flight to Ibiza - then fight with police after diverted plane lands

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in Drunk/High
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Drunken British louts brawled with police on the tarmac after being dragged off a holiday flight to Ibiza. Officers boarded the flight from London Stansted after the pilot was forced to make an emergency stop in the French city of Bordeaux. Angry passengers cheered and chanted “off, off, off” as the lads were hauled off the flight by airport police. They then looked on in shock out of the plane windows as some of the group began brawling with officers outside. The shocking scenes come after new figures revealed a surge in alcohol related arrests at airports or during flights, while cabin crew complained of being groped and harassed by drunk passengers. The latest incident was caught on camera by a fellow passenger on the 2.55pm Ryanair flight on Friday. She said the men had clearly been drinking when they first boarded the flight on Friday afternoon. She said: “Basically they seemed drunk before they even got on the plane. Once we were in the air the stewardess set off down the aisle serving drinks. "These lads bought a round of drinks and she carried on serving other passengers. “But they must have downed them in one because they started shouting saying they wanted to buy more.” The shocked passenger said two of the lads followed the stewardess up the aisle demanding more booze. “One of them became a bit aggressive. She was trying to serve another customer and he was grabbing her hand. “He was demanding to be served and arguing with other passengers. The whole situation was out of control, he was shouting and being aggressive.”

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