Graphic: Football Hooligans Throw Rocks At The Head Of A Rival Fan

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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WARNING - GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: The victim was left unconscious after the huge rock was hurled at his face as police officers 'chose not to intervene' in Cartago, Costa Rica A football fan who hurled at rock into the head of a rival fan is wanted by police for attempted murder. The horrific incident was caught on video and shows the supporter being viciously attacked and staggering away after being beaten to a pulp. Four men in Costa Rica - wearing the shirts of a club called Heridanio - were seen kicking and repeatedly beating a young man identified as Andres Brenes Arias, a local resident of Tejar de El Guarco in Cartago, Costa Rica. Shockingly still, there are reports of another video shot from a different angle, which captures police officers watching the attack and choosing not to intervene. Towards the end of the beating, one of the men, dressed in black coat and cap, asks his pals to move so he can attack the victim with a huge stone.

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