LIBTARDFORNIA: Cali Democrat Just Proposed Criminalizing People Who Misuse "Gender Pronouns"

Posted by moku 2018 years ago in News
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Tucker Carlson debated a Democratic strategist who supports a California bill that would suggest jail time for elder care workers who "willfully" misuse pronouns when referring to transgender residents.

Robin Biro said he supports State Sen. Scott Wiener's (D-San Francisco) bill.

"It doesn't sound very American," Carlson said. "You go to jail if you say something someone doesn't want you to say."

Biro said the bill is essentially a way to extend the Patient Protection Act to cover transgender individuals.

He said 28 percent of transgender elders in nursing homes suffered such harassment from their providers.

Carlson said Biro was ignoring the principle of free speech for political reasons.

"You can be put in prison for saying what you think is true," he said of the bill. "This bill criminalizes speech."

"If you use the wrong pronoun, you can be put in jail. That's grotesque."

Biro said there is a difference between a one-off accident and intentionally misusing a patient's preferred pronoun.

Carlson then asked how many iterations of verbal misidentification would "send police to my house."

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