Man captures 'ghost of dead child who is trying to kill him' on camera after being haunted for months

Posted by The King Slayer 2018 years ago in WTF
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A man's security camera has apparently captured the the ghost of a dead child that he says is trying to kill him. Adam Ellis is convinced he was being haunted by an evil spirit, so he trawled through video footage from a motion-sensor camera to find the evidence. In a series of tweets , Adam, from New York, said he first experienced the ghostly apparition in his sleep, before he "crossed over into the real world". Dubbed 'Dear David', the ghost can apparently be spotted moving a chair back and forth in his living room. He claimed that the chair is where he first spotted 'Dear David' staring at him in a dream. The clip also shows another chair in the background appearing to move position, before an ornament on the wall suddenly drops to the floor.

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