F*CKED UP! New Trend called "Stealthing" is Getting Women Knocked Up Across the USA

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A disturbing new bedroom trend involves men secretly taking off their condoms during consensual sex, and sometimes later bragging about it online.

The nonconsensual practice, which is called "stealthing," is on the rise, according to a new report in Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

Lead author Alexandra Brodsky said while the law is largely silent on the practice of "stealthing," she believes it should be considered a form of sexual assault and could violate several civil and criminal laws.

Second time I'm gonna try to post this video! I find it very interesting. Thought id give it a shot and upload the youtube embed and see if I get hit with any violation issues! If i'm not allowed to upload this at all I appologize and this will be my last attempt at uploading it!

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