Canadian Firefighting Plane PLOWS Right into a Barge Full of People, Destroys a Mast

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A Canadair came to refuel on the river Rhone, during a fire declared Sunday in the Gard, struck the mast of a barge moored at the port of Vallabrègues during its maneuver.

The incident could have turned into a tragedy. Fortunately, neither the person who filmed the scene nor the pilot of the plane was injured. Sunday, August 27, when a fire probably caused by a barbecue was declared on the banks of the Gardon, in Collias (Gard), near Nîmes, several Canadair mobilized to control the flames came to refuel on the Rhône, at the level of the district of Vallabrègues. The scene was filmed by an Australian tourist using his mobile phone.

As the firefighters flew back, one of them diverged from his course and struck the mast of a barge moored on the bank, only a few meters from the cameraman, before climbing into the air. If nearby boaters were not damaged, Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Ber

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